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The Best Camping Tents of 2017

By Lyra Pierotti ⋅ Review Editor
Looking for a great camping tent for summer trips or the backyard? To find the best, researched 55 tents and bought 8 for hands-on testing. Two outdoor experts then spent 40 days touring campgrounds across the US in the heat, rain and wind. The tent options are overwhelming. We help you distinguish what's cheap and flimsy and what's sturdy enough to protect your family from the elements. We recommend tents for comfortable car camping, backyard adventures and areas of heavy rain and wind. We tested tents for a family of 4 but also give recommendations for larger and smaller groups.

Spring 2017 Update
We just took a fresh look at camping tents for 2017. With the exception of a few tents with new colors, our current award winners remain the same as we tested them. We added recommendations for smaller and larger versions of some tents for bigger and smaller groups. We also added charts and graphs to more clearly show the differences in scores.

Best Overall Camping Tent

REI Kingdom 6

Editors' Choice Award

at REI
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Tall throughout tent
Big doors
Rainfly versatility
Big vestibule
Lots of pockets
Two rooms
Backpack-style carrying bag
Only one vestibule
Small awning over second door
The REI Kingdom 6 continues its reign for another year. It's just so easy to use and spacious. The hooped design gives much more room than the competition. It's surprisingly wind-resistant and held it's own in torrential rains. At 6 ft 3 inches tall inside, most adults can walk around between the two divided rooms. One room is mostly mesh while the other is solid tent fabric, allowing campers to choose how much ventilation they want, and also allowing for some privacy even if you don't put the fly on the tent — a great option for very warm nights. We enjoyed the Kingdom 6 from start to finish, including the very handy carrying bag designed as a backpack. And if you need The Kingdom Tent even bigger, check out the REI Kingdom 8 Tent.

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Best Bang for the Buck

Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch 6

Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch 6
Best Buy Award

at Amazon
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Blocks more UV than most tents
Stays cool and dark
Good ventilation
Easy and fast setup
Partial fly and mesh "front porch" less ideal for rain
Sloppy carrying bag design
Not easy to seal against blowing dust/sand
The Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch is a tent that lives up to its marketing claims. It took us only 12 minutes to set it up for the first time, solo and in the dark. Wow! It is also noticeably cooler and darker in the sun, allowing us to sleep in late, or get out of the hot midday sun. This is not the best tent for cold or inclement weather, but it will do pretty well through a rainstorm. Priced under $300, this tent was an obvious choice for our Best Buy Award.

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Top Pick for Weather Resistance

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6

Top Pick Award

at Amazon
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Big and versatile vestibule
Two rooms
Well designed carrying bag
Good ventilation
Great in wind and storms
More complicated setup
Lots of poles
Shorter inside
The Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 is the only tent in the review that we totally agree can be called a genuine four-season tent. It would not be our first pick for polar expeditions, but it's a great choice for a family snow camping trip. If internal height is important for tent comfort, this is not your best choice: it stands only 5 ft 6 in inside. But it is a very fun family tent with two rooms, one smaller one like a cubby that kids will surely enjoy. And if you'll be needed to bring the kitchen sink, check out the larger Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8.

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Top Pick for Versatility

Mountain Hardwear Optic 6

Top Pick Award

at CampSaver
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Great value
Strong design
Lighter color for warm weather
Seals adequately from storms
Tall and spacious
Awkward sleeping pattern for six
Not a lot of built-in storage space or pockets
If the Kingdom 6 didn't reign over this review, the Mountain Hardwear Optic 6 likely would have been our Editors' Choice Award winner. It is the best of so many worlds: it is tall and spacious but strong in high winds; easy to set up but still a fun and unique design; it is relatively light, not overpriced, and easy to carry with a shoulder sling on the stuff sack. It is a tent of intelligent compromises, a joy to use, and a genuine jack-of-all-trades. Plus, it had the best view of the sky when we left the fly off on a warm night in the high desert.

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up to 5 products
Score Product Price Our Take
REI Kingdom 6 $439
Editors' Choice Award
Excellent, all around tent; balances multiple uses without compromising durability and weather resistance.
Mountain Hardwear Optic 6 $399
Top Pick Award
A very easy tent to use, well designed, and durable; good for a broad range of weather.
Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 $700
Top Pick Award
Pricey and short, but fun tent for a family of 4-6.
Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch 6 $280
Best Buy Award
Affordable tent that lives up to its marketing claims: stays cool and dark in the sun.
Eureka Midori 6 $300
A great tent for infrequent or new campers who want a good experience but don't want to spend a lot of money on a camping tent.
Marmot Limestone 6 $490
A very well made tent, sturdy and dependable in a storm, but low on ventilation and vestibule space.
Nemo Wagontop 6 $600
Expensive tent that is a little wonky to set up, performs poorly in the wind, but is spacious and fun for mellower camping outings.
Kodiak Canvas 6-Person Flex-Bow $570
A durable, long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing tent that is very heavy, a little pricey, and may not be the best in windy or rainy weather.

Analysis and Test Results

In this review, we assessed eight popular tents, subjecting them to wind, rain, sun, heat, cold, late nights, late mornings… and energetic young campers. The above table shows where each tent ranked in overall score in our review, while the metrics below describe how we tested each model across individual performance areas.


(40% of overall score)

For a camping tent, comfort reigns. Most camping trips are meant to be fun, stress-free, family bonding experiences, or a chance to catch up with friends over a beer or s'more. Different campers will have different ideas of comfort, and will define livability according to different standards. Taller families will be at each others' throats in a too-short tent; bigger families might want more space and separate rooms; mountain lovers will want a more sturdy and solid tent with a good vestibule; and beach goers will want windows, air circulation, and shelter from the sun. For longer trips with several campers, more pockets for storage and organization in the tent might help everyone have a sense of personal space.

Our overall winner, the REI Kingdom 6, was the most comfortable tent in this review. It performed well, rain or shine, and didn't get too hot in the sun. It was a great performer for a broad range of camping scenarios. For more specific comfort requirements, such as shelter from the scorching hot sun in the desert, you might prefer the Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch 6. The Nemo Wagontop 6 is popular for comfort due to the high ceiling, but we thought there were other tents in this review that provided a more balanced and versatile camping tent.

Be sure to check out the floor plan images with each tent, too, in case specific sleeping arrangements or patterns are a priority for your camping needs.

Weather Resistance

(25% of overall score)
Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch 6 is great in the midday heat: it stays dark and cool!
Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch 6 is great in the midday heat: it stays dark and cool!

At first, we thought of weather resistance as the ability to keep you dry in the rain. However, campers are outside through all types of weather, which includes scorching heat, blowing sand and dust, wind, and even hail storms.

The Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 was the burliest tent in this review. It is the only tent we felt inclined to pitch in the snow for a winter camping adventure. It has a low profile and solid guy lines to keep it stable in high winds. The Mountain Hardwear Optic 6 also scored very highly with its aerodynamic design, solid guy lines, and burly poles. The Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch 6 crushed the competition when it came to keeping cool in the hot summer sun.

This category factors heavily into our rating for each tent, and our discussions will let you know how each tent does in inclement weather, of course, but also in the stagnant heat of the midday sun when a tent becomes a veritable greenhouse.

Ease of Set Up

(15% of overall score)
Struggling to get the fly over the top of the Marmot Limestone 6 tent. The fly often got caught on the two small tensioning poles that stick out at roughly head height.
Struggling to get the fly over the top of the Marmot Limestone 6 tent. The fly often got caught on the two small tensioning poles that stick out at roughly head height.

This is the category to consider carefully if your number one priority is to avoid arguments while pitching your tent late at night when you finally arrive at the campground after a long and stressful week followed by a long and stressful drive and all you want to do is chill out and relax already.

Some tents were extraordinarily intuitive to set up while others reminded us of an adult-sized erector set. We weigh ease of setup slightly less than overall livability and weather resistance, but not far behind. Look to this category, however, if you have any specific needs for setup, like one that is easy for kids to set up, or one that is easy for solo setup.

The Mountain Hardwear Optic 6 ran away with a perfect ten in this category. With only 3 poles and an intuitive dome shape, it was fast and easy to set up, even after a long drive to our favorite camping spot. The Coleman Carlsbad Fast Pitch 6 was also easy to set up, and lived up to its name: we set it up in 12 minutes on our first try! The Eureka Midori 6 and the Marmot Limestone 6 also scored highly for ease of setup, though they did not earn any of our overall awards.


(15% of overall score)
REI Kingdom 6
REI Kingdom 6

The overall quality of materials, design, and manufacturing gives consumers a good idea of the long-term durability and shorter term reliability of a camping tent. This is also weighed at 15% for consumers who are not interested in wasting their money on a disposable camping tent.

We were very impressed with the rugged Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6. It had solid, clean, and strong stitching, tensioned nicely, and the fly fit snugly around the tent body. The REI Kingdom 6 was close behind, with big, strong poles, a simple and sturdy design, and strong guy line attachments. We also liked the Mountain Hardwear Optic 6 for its reliable, durable design (living up to the company's reputation for producing excellent outdoor products and especially burly tents, like the industry standard-setting 4-season Trango series). It has an asymmetrical design that we found to be both aesthetic and functional.

Packed Size

(5% of overall score)
Camping tent
Camping tent
We accept that camping tents are big and heavy, but only to a point. You still have to fit it in your trunk and you might have to carry it a few hundred feet to a walk-in campsite. As such, we took packed size into consideration, but not too heavily at only 5% of the overall weighting.

The Eureka Midori 6 picked up some points in this category as the smallest and lightest tent in the review. However, the REI Kingdom 6 still managed a high score because the backpack design was such an asset on a car camping trip. The Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 also had a well-designed carrying case. It carries reasonably well, like a duffel bag, but it was pretty bulky. The Marmot Limestone 6 and the Mountain Hardwear Optic 6 were similar sizes, both bulkier than the Midori, but with a shoulder sling and a handle, respectively.


The award winning camping tents for 2016
The award winning camping tents for 2016
We understand that the process of finding the right tent can be a big undertaking. We hope we were able to help you make an educated decision on whether or not a camping tent will best suit your needs, and which one is the perfect model for you, your family, and friends. Happy trails!

Lyra Pierotti
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