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How We Tested Water Bottles

By Jane Jackson ⋅ Senior Review Editor
To test these water bottles, we took them to many of the places you take them yourself, from the rugged outdoors to the weekday office life. These bottles have accompanied us on ice and rock climbing trips, mountain biking expeditions, hikes, and camping nights in the backcountry. They were also with us when we went to work, yoga sessions, the climbing gym, hung out in the campground, and flew on airplanes.

This bottle is perfect for rock climbing; super durable  lightweight  and leak proof.
This bottle is perfect for rock climbing; super durable, lightweight, and leak proof.

Apart from using them to keep us hydrated as we went about or day, we ran them through multiple tests in our lab. We tested filling them from faucets, fountains, and streams, checked their potential to leak, and loaded them with powdered energy drinks to see if they retained any flavor after rinsing them out. We had several taste testers drink from each bottle and report how the bottle materials affected the taste of tap water. We timed how long it took to wash them by hand and weighed each bottle with our own precise scale. To test their durability, we filled and dropped the bottles from a height of three and a half feet onto a hard surface, then checked for damage. For example, check out this drop test:

For more details about how the bottles fared, go to our main review.

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